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Adobe Explores AI Video Generation Collaboration with OpenAI and Others

Adobe Explores AI Video Generation Collaboration with OpenAI and Others

This week, Adobe has announced that it is engaging in discussions with OpenAI, along with other AI entities like Runway and Pika Labs, to develop AI-driven video generation capabilities for Adobe Premiere Pro users.

Adobe appears not to be positioning itself as a competitor to OpenAI’s Sora in the immediate future. During its recent unveiling of a series of AI innovations last month, Adobe did not introduce any video generation or editing solutions comparable to Sora. However, in a statement made on Monday, Adobe confirmed its development of a video generation feature, although specific details remain under wraps.

One distinct approach of Adobe is its reliance on compensated video contributions from artists and photographers for training its tool. This contrasts with OpenAI’s model for Sora, which uses freely accessible online content and licensed images from Shutterstock, as reported by OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati, to The Wall Street Journal. Murati also noted uncertainty regarding the use of video data from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. OpenAI plans to launch Sora later this year.

In a strategic move to reassure investors and stake a claim in the burgeoning AI market, Adobe has introduced a slate of new AI tools and confirmed a partnership with Microsoft at its Las Vegas conference in March.

Despite a 20% drop in its shares since the beginning of the year, Adobe experienced a slight increase of 1% to $476 per share following the announcement of its collaboration with OpenAI.

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